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The essence of S-Beam is a core with specific properties, which makes metal composites a reality.

Produced in a continuous process, S-Beam’s core is low density, incompressible, heat curable and sheet metal bondable. It is also compatible with traditional automotive assembly processes and layouts, adhesives, sealants, and paint systems.

Its formula can be adjusted to best suit different applications, combining metals or other substrates such as fiberglass and carbon fiber.

At Cipatex research and development, we are motivated to contribute to a better world, so we continuously search for innovations that may result in a more efficient and sustainable use of our products and technologies.

S-Beam Concept

The S-Beam (Fig. 1) is a sandwich consisting of a synthetic core (A) covered by metal sheets (C) coupled by a heat-curable adhesive (B).

During the stamping operation (Fig. 2), the S-Beam molds easily because its metal sheets are thin and slide over the still-liquid adhesive. After exposure to heat in the E-coat oven (Fig. 3), the S-Beam cures and acquires the structural sandwich condition, transforming bending stress into tensile/compression forces developed over the extension of the surfaces. This configuration increases the stiffness significantly.

Bending Test:

S-Beam’s incompressible core maintains dimensional integrity until it collapses over the force application region (fig 4).


Advantages of S-Beam


Easy to stamp and cut. Total metal substrate is less than half that of a single sheet.


Bondable with standard automotive structural adhesive. Compatible with hem flanging operations, also accepts induction precuring.

Pretreatment / E-Coat

Compatible with spray and dip processes. The S-Beam core itself protects the inner side of the metal sheets against corrosion.

E-coat oven

S-Beam can be formulated for high or low cure. During the E-coat curing cycle, S-Beam reaches high resistance.

Testing of S-Beam

Description: CRS 1.2 mm S-Beam
Core 2 mm + CRS 0,25 mm X 2
Stampability Good Very Good (before healing)
Resistance to bending 38.24 N Reached yield strength across the entire length of the specimen 44.42 N (after curing) The S-Beam only failed at the center of force application, the rest of the specimen preserved its dimensional integrity.
Weight (kg/m²) 9,448 4,786
Recyclability Yes Yes
Anticorrosion treatment Phosphate and E-Coat Phosphate and E-Coat The inner side of the sheets is protected by epoxy
Weldability Yes No S-Beam is recommended for doors, hoods, trunk lids, and other applications that use structural adhesive in assembly.
Thermal and acoustic conductivity High Low


Cipatex S-Beam, a new technology of metal sheet for external panels, that reduces weight by 50%

S-Beam is the latest technology developed by Cipatex to improve efficiency for a sustainable mobility.

S-Beam (S- means Sheet) is an easy to stamp metallic sandwich,composed by a heat curable core(B) skinned with metal sheets (A).


S-Beam provides same stiffness and resistance to flexion than standard metal sheet, with half a weight. Made in aluminum or steel, S-Beam is bondable, recyclable and fully compatible with same traditional OEMs process, materials and layouts.

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