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PVC blankets are durable and efficient
solutions for a wide range of applications
such as waterproofing and coating.

PVC geomembranes for waterproofing are great allies for the environment by preventing liquids and toxic waste from contaminating the soil and groundwater.
The main applications include:
- Waste treatment lagoons
- Industrial waste concentration ponds

Cipageo® has many applications in agriculture:
- Waterproofing agricultural ponds
- Ponds for fish farming
- Irrigation channels
- Biodigesters
- Silage
- Rainwater tanks
- Corrugated steel tank linings (Australian tank)
- Drinking water tank linings
Geomembranes adapt to different types of projects and can be applied to different surfaces:
- Slab waterproofing
- Drinking water tanks
- Cisterns for using rainwater
- Retaining walls and areas subject to infiltration
- Landscaping projects
- Waterproofing tunnels

Cipageo® PVC geomembranes are tolerant to various types of acids, salts and bases, with technical properties that meet stringent requirements for applications in:
- Soil sealing for leaching in piles and channels
- Leaching and decanting process tanks
- Tailings ponds
- General mining processes
Among the objectives of using geomembranes in industry are the prevention of leaks and soil contamination.
They are widely used in:
- Lining electroplating tanks
- Secondary containment barrier lining in chemical product reservoirs (see technical specification for types of chemical products supported)