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Responsabilidade Mãos

Social responsibility is a constant stance in everyday
life at Cipatex®

Cipatex® Group believes in the responsibility of contributing to the well-being of its employees and society overall. Therefore, we are committed to following values ​​such as ethics, respect and citizenship, and we work to promote quality of life, social inclusion, education and ecological awareness among the communities where we operate.

We seek sustainable development for all our audiences, always with an entrepreneurial vision.

Responsabilidade Mãos

We follow a code of ethics
and a diversity policy

We are committed to promoting respect both within the Group and in society. By doing that, we design internal policies that promote harmony and eliminate bias, prejudice and discrimination, encompassing employees, suppliers and service providers.

We ensure people’s autonomy, regardless of their identity, gender or race.

Responsabilidade Mãos

We spare no effort
to value our employees.

Employees are the Cipatex ® Group's greatest asset and the focus of our human resources policy is to encourage internal talents, discover new potential and keep the team motivated through personal development and professional recognition.
We seek continuous improvement of the work environment. We are tuned to changes, developing and training employees, offering competitive compensation and implementing results management programs.

Get to know in detail our environmental projects and social actions.

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