Cipatex® - Sustentabilidade
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Sustainability is part of who we
are and of what we produce.


A story fully focused on
protecting the environment.

Cipatex® Group adopts sustainable processes in all its plants, with environmentally correct, socially fair
and economically viable actions. Even before the implementation of the Environmental Policy in 2002,
we have sought to improve our production techniques by making the minimum use of natural resources.

We work toward being the benchmark in clean and ecologically responsible production practices,
committed to transparency and encouraging citizenship.

Diamond Certification in the
Sustainable Origin Program

Diamond Certification in the
Sustainable Origin Program

The Diamond certification of the Sustainable Origin Program attests to the incorporation of sustainability into the processes of Brazilian companies. It is the highest level of recognition within the Program, which takes into account 52 criteria grouped into four pillars: cultural, environmental, social and economic.

Practices that attest to our commitment to sustainability:

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Currently, we carry out the treatment and correct disposal of 100% of the waste generated by all Group companies. Nothing is discarded.

  • Approximately 150 million PET bottles are recycled per year and used as raw material in many of our product lines.

  • We invest approximately 2% of revenue in process improvements related to social and environmental responsibility and renewable technologies.

  • Since 1997, we have banned the use of toxic heavy metals in all operations at our factories.

  • We are the first company in Brazil to offer the footwear industry flexible PVC laminates following the lifestyle of people who adhere to veganism.

  • The Cipavinil® and Cipageo® product lines are 100% recyclable, returning to the production cycle after use.

  • All raw materials comply with the Reach Table regulation and relevant legislation.

  • We have laminates that are 100% free of phthalates and produced from discarded polymers, such as Expanflex Recycle and Coverline Eco.