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Cipatex® Group

Cipatex® Matriz

Cipatex® MATRIZ is located in Cerquilho/SP and produces PVC and PU laminates by means of the spreading and coagulation process. These materials are used in the footwear, furniture, clothing, bags and accessories, diaries, and automotive segments.

The show room is also available in this unit to share all the experience in research and development. It is a space with the intention of meeting the needs of stylists, pattern makers, and designers who need to be always up-to-date with the latest innovations.

Cipatex® Branch

The Cipatex® Branch is located in Cerquilho/SP and manufactures PVC laminates that serve several markets with the differential in the polymer transformation process which, in this case, is done by extrusion and calendering.

These laminates are transformed into various products for different applications such as waterproofing (in mining, civil construction, and farming), vinyl swimming pools, furniture, gifts, packaging, tarpaulins for awnings and transportation, toweling, automotive, child care, footwear, among others.

Cipatex® South

Cipatex® Sul is located in Campo Bom/ RS.

This unit is one of the most important commercial centers of the Cipatex® group, and in this region of Brazil, which is known to be a footwear hub, we have a complete office that gathers our main products dedicated to this market.

Cipatex® Adhesives

With advanced technologies in hot melt, PUR and adhesives for bodywork and painting, Cipatex® Adhesives makes materials available for several business areas, such as automotive, labeling, graphic and footwear.

All the technology developed ensures advantages to customers in the automotive battery, paper and packaging, bodywork plastisol, car paint, and polymeric modifiers markets.

The know how of the unit located in Cerquilho/SP guarantees high performance products, personalized service, and extremely competitive costs to the customers. All internal and external activities are based on the Environmental Policy with Social Responsibility and quality certified according to ISO 9001-2008.

For more information: www.cipatexadesivos.com.br

Cipatex® of America – Miami

As it is present in over 20 countries, Cipatex® could not miss one of the most important markets in the world: the United States. With the office located in Miami, Cipatex® of America is part of the company’s expansion and internationalization process.

Cipatex® of America – North Carolina

Another office is located in North Carolina, in addition to our Distribution Center, created to make Cipatex®‘s work in the United States easier and faster. This unit is also part of the company’s expansion and internationalization process.

Cipatex® Europe

Cipatex® has an operational unit in Spain, in the city of Valencia, continuing the internationalization process. Cipatex® Europe is focused on the furniture and footwear markets, in addition to offering technical materials for boats.

To serve Europe and North Africa, the company follows a series of requirements, determined by the guidelines of the European regulation Reach (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). The new unit has stock for prompt delivery, ensuring agility in customer service.

Dinaplast – Argentina

To serve the Argentine market and the region, Dinaplast acts as a distributor of laminates in Buenos Aires. The commercialized products have the brand Cipatex®, which guarantees quality and safety to customers in South America.

With Dinaplast’s service, Cipatex® continues its expansion, always seeking to innovate to meet the needs of its customers by offering products for several markets, such as furniture, footwear, bags and accessories, housewares, among others.



Always with a vanguard vision, Cipatex® has integrated Petrom – Petroquímica de Mogi das Cruzes to the Group, in 1998. The largest phthalic anhydride manufacturer in Latin America produces 82 thousand tons of the substance that is used in the manufacturing of PVC stabilizers, plasticizers, polyester resins, among others.

The state-of-the-art technology and modern production processes are located in an area of approximately 1 million square meters in the city of Mogi das Cruzes/SP, which also produces 108 thousand tons of plasticizers, 4 thousand tons of fumaric acid, and 18 thousand tons of isoanyl alcohol, meeting strict international quality, safety, and environmental responsibility requirements.