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Social Responsibility

Cipatex® believes it has a responsibility to contribute to the welfare of its employees and the society where its plants are located. Therefore, the concept of social responsibility is increasingly present in the attitudes and commitments assumed by the company.

Values such as ethics, respect, and citizenship guide the actions that aim to improve the quality of life, social inclusion, education and culture, ecological awareness, health, sports, and leisure for both the corporation and the communities.

Based on these commitments and always with an entrepreneurial vision, Cipatex® seeks sustainable development and more quality of life for all its public.

People management

For Cipatex®, employees are the organization’s greatest asset. The human resources policy encourages internal talents, besides offering the opportunity to discover new potentials within the company itself and keeping the team motivated through personal development and professional recognition.

Based on these concepts, Cipatex® has developed the following human resources policy:

1. Contribute to the improvement of the work environment, focusing on greater organizational synergy.

2. Always be aware of the need for change, constantly analyzing the internal and also the external environment.

3. To seek the increase of the learning curve through the development and qualification of collaborators, through internal needs and external challenges.

4. Establishing a competitive compensation policy that is coherent with the organization’s objectives.

5. Making feasible and implementing programs that focus on strengthening the results management culture.

Code of Ethics and Diversity Policy

Concerned with the current society and the general perceptions that happen every day, Cipatex® is engaged in the subject “respect”, creating and applying policies that work both for the internal use of the company and also covers suppliers and service providers of the company, in order to create harmony without prejudice and without any discrimination, aiming at what is most important, the independence of being of any person.

Being more transparent, we open a door so that any anonymous report on the subject can be made on the form.

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    Environmental Responsibility

    Cipatex® throughout its history has kept its activities focused on environmental protection. Even before the implementation of the Environmental Policy, released in 2002, the company already sought to improve production techniques with minimum use of natural resources.

    Continuous improvement has always been a hallmark of Cipatex® and, therefore, in all the plants the processes are based on sustainability, with environmentally correct, socially fair and economically feasible actions. The correct use of natural resources, the productive discards and the adequate forwarding of these inputs have made Cipatex® a standard model of performance within the cleanest productive practices.

    That is why Cipatex® reaffirms that in all its procedures and plants it operates with the best production practices, allied to economic and environmental activities, always committed to social, responsible, citizen and transparent actions.

    Sustainable Origin

    Cipatex® is the first company to receive the Gold Certification of the Sustainable Origin Program. The seal is provided by the Brazilian Footwear Industry Association (Abicalçados) and by the Brazilian Association of Companies of Components for Leather, Footwear and Artifacts (Assintecal), in partnership with the Sustainability Laboratory (Lassu) of the University of São Paulo (USP) and of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

    The certification has as its metrics the White, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond scales, and attests to Brazilian companies that have incorporated sustainability into their processes. It was awarded to companies based on 52 different criteria, grouped into four pillars: cultural, environmental, social, and economic. Currently, 100% of the waste generated by the companies that make up the Cipatex® Group, whether liquid or solid, is sorted, treated and sent for recycling or to the correct destination. Nothing is discarded and all the income obtained from waste disposal is applied in the continuous improvement of production processes related to environmental issues, such as the purchase of new filters, new renewable technologies, among others.

    Cipatex® is ISO 9001 certified and is getting ready to be ISO 14001 certified. Throughout its more than 50 years of existence, it has undergone frequent expansions, increased its production, its product line, and proportionally reduced the waste generated through several actions. Besides acting with a focus on environmental preservation, Cipatex® also develops social responsibility actions. Through partnerships, schools and universities in communities near its units use waste supplied by the company to produce artistic works, such as tapestries, Christmas trees, among others.

    With the Sustainable Origin Program, Abicalçados and Assintecal intend that footwear and component manufacturers have a greater engagement with sustainability issues, which will result in the expansion of opportunities in the export market to countries that have regulations oriented to the acquisition of sustainable products. Another benefit provided by the seal is the guarantee of alignment of the Brazilian footwear and component industry with international sustainability initiatives, such as SAC, Biocalce, DOW Jones Sustainability Index, ISE-Bovespa, among others.