Golpes com o uso indevido do nome da empresa

Eco Friendly

A sustainability-friendly company

All raw materials meet the Reach Table regulation and pertinent legislations.

We invest around 2% of our income in continuous process improvements related to socio-environmental responsibility, new renewable technologies, among others.

Cipatex® has a wide range of products developed with materials of sustainable origin. The Corano and Decorelli lines have in their composition a blanket produced with recycled PET bottles.

Currently, 100% of the waste generated by the units that make up the Cipatex® Group, whether liquid or solid, are sorted, treated and sent for internal or external recycling, or for appropriate disposal. Nothing is discarded.

Water reuse.

Cipatex® is the first in Brazil to offer the footwear industry flexible PVC laminates following the lifestyle of veganism followers.

Reverse Waste Logistics

Cipavinil and Cipageo® are 100% recyclable.