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REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals


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20 years being sustainable

Cipatex® Group has been developing sustainability actions for 20 years. The following actions, with their respective relation to the 17 UN sustainable goals, have been carried out:

Cipatex® Actions

The Cipatex® Group has been developing sustainability actions for 20 years, with the following actions being carried out, with their respective relation to the UN's 17 sustainable objectives:
Pequenas Damas Project, from the city of Arapongas, an important furniture hub and headquarters of several Cipatex customers, this project, which is over 30 years old, aims to stimulate female children and adolescents, aged 07 to 11 years old, in the development of skills and practices aimed at the cultural, playful and artistic universe, through Free Workshops of Instrumental Music, , Choral Singing, Dance and Creative Literature. This project is focused on public school students and the community in general
Igrejinha Living Culture Project, located in the city of Igrejinha, an important footwear center region and where we have several clients. This is a project for the preservation, rescue, and appreciation of the Germanic culture brought by the immigrants. The project provides for the presentation of Instrumental German Bands, Typical German Bands and Orchestras, Folk Dance Groups, among other cultural attractions.
Philharmonic Orchestra Project of the Botucatu Biosciences Institute (OFIBB), which aims to become a permanent orchestra, focused on strengthening the ties between the community and the university. Classes will be entirely free of charge, and students, professors, and the community in general will be able to participate. There are plans in the future to establish a center here in the city of Cerquilho. It is important to reinforce that Botucatu is also a city with several clients of our company.
Hospitalhaços Project, which serves more than 32 hospitals and santa casas, among them the ones in Cerquilho, Tietê, Laranjal Paulista, Porto Feliz and many others. This project started in 1999, and promotes hospital humanization by means of scenic arts, games and games, storytelling and music, training and forming more than 450 volunteers, currently benefiting more than 240,000 people, among patients, companions and health care professionals.
Project Ingo Hoffman Institute, named after the driver Ingo Hoffman, one of the great idols of national motor racing. Founded in 2005, the institute's mission is to offer more comfort and quality of life to children in cancer treatment and their families. In partnership with the Boldrini Children's Center Hospital, a worldwide reference in the treatment of childhood cancer, the Institute provides all the necessary support for the children, with individual monitoring, besides offering a space that, besides housing, includes a large interaction area. There are more than 30 chalets offered for family members and sick children, while they await treatment.
Judo and Inclusion Project, from the Olga Kós Institute, which aims to include people with or without intellectual disabilities, in situations of social vulnerability, through sports (Judo workshops).
• Cipatex® complies with all relevant legislation and raw materials comply with the Reach Table regulations;
• Cipatex® performs reverse engineering of waste, and by reusing it internally, Cipatex® contributes to reducing the consumption of virgin raw materials;
• With the closed circuit process and the awareness of the collaborators, we have savings of 50% with the reuse of water;
• 100% of the waste generated by the units that make up the Cipatex® Group, liquid or solid, are separated, treated and sent for internal or external recycling, or for appropriate disposal. Nothing is discarded;
• Cipatex® uses raw materials from renewable, vegetable and water-based sources, making our product sustainable and vegan;
• An important part of all the backings used in our manufacturing process are produced from recycled PET fibers;
• The PVC-based synthetic laminates are 100% recyclable;
• Cipatex® invests around 2% of its revenue in the continuous improvement of processes related to socio-environmental responsibility, new renewable technologies, among others;
• Cipatex® performs pest control in 100% of the site, for the protection of our employees and to avoid the outsourcing of vectors;
• There is containment at the business sites so that there is no outsourcing in case of accidental spillage;
• Our employees are protected by individual and collective protection equipment, by means of equipment designed to maintain a healthy environment;
• It is part of Cipatex® Group's strategy to be an ISO 14001 certified company within the next 5 years.
 SIPATMA - Internal Week of Work Accident Prevention and Environment, where we address issues related to health, safety and environment.
• Jornada Educacional - Participates in the organization of the event together with the city hall. This event is aimed at the city's students, with the presence of colleges explaining about the courses available and companies presenting the job market.
• Influenza Vaccination Campaign - The company runs an awareness campaign and buys vaccines at a more affordable price for its employees and provides, in partnership with the city hall, the application of the vaccines.
• Pink October - Internal action in the company, to raise awareness about the importance of self-examination as breast cancer prevention. In 2019, it held a lecture in partnership with the medical plan. In 2020, due to the pandemic, the lecture did not take place.
• Blue November - Internal action in the company, to raise awareness about prostate cancer. The company performed the blood test (PSA) on employees over 45 years old. In 2019 it held lectures in the company, with a Urologist doctor, this year due to the pandemic, a video was released, made by a specialist, addressing the issue of Blue November.
• No Hunger Christmas Campaign - In this campaign, employees are invited to participate in the donation of food to needy families in the community.
• Winter Clothing Campaign - This campaign is held jointly with the city hall. The employees donate warm clothes, which are distributed by the city's social service to needy families.
• Children's Day Party - A party offered by the company to its employees and their dependents. The event includes games and children's toys, such as jumping jacks, trampolines, artistic drawing, and food and drinks.
• Guri Project - Sponsorship. Projeto Guri is a Brazilian socio-cultural program that offers free courses of musical initiation, choral singing, string instruments, etc.
• Olga Kós Institute - Sponsorship of the Karate and Taekwondo project for children, young people, and adults with intellectual disabilities.
• Oral Health Week - Event aimed at member and non-member employees of Grêmio Recreativo Cipatex®. The employees and their dependents make appointments during the week in the club's dental office and receive free evaluations and cleanings.
• Women's Day - The company pays tribute to the company's female employees. Each year it is done in different ways, such as, for example, roses, chocolates, lectures, etc.
• Life quality week - During the life quality week, important themes about life quality are approached, such as the practice of physical exercises, stress, diabetes, cholesterol, etc. A screening is carried out to identify hypertensive, diabetic, and obese employees, and thus we make indications for medical follow-up.
• Old Pot Project - A project carried out in 2018, in order to help RECERQ (Cerquilho Recycling Cooperative), the company together with the city hall, organized a "competition among schools" to collect aluminum pots. During the competition, lectures were held in the schools, approaching the importance of recycling. All the aluminum collected was donated to RECERQ. The idea of the project came from a Cipatex® employee.

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